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Dmitry N. Frantasov, SSTU, Samara, Russia, frantasov@mail.ru
Pavel A. Melnikov, SSTU, Samara, Russia, gleavero@gmail.com
Anna S. Klimas, SSTU, Samara, Russia, anyuta.klimas.ru

The Project is aimed to help free developers to write software for unmanned vehicles by creating a universal and publicly available tool. It allows you to calculate in advance what combination of commands will allow the device to function smoothly, and which will lead to a failure at any stage, so you can check all possible variants of the program, and understand exactly what the error or failure occurred. Also, the programm can offer developers options to get rid of conflict situations. An algorithm has already been developed for the analysis of all variants of branching control programs and the database, which will store the result of such an algorithm. A variant of optimization of the program analysis algorithm is proposed to reduce the time spent on the full analysis of all branches. A variant of creating an expert system to assist in the analysis and correction of errors is proposed. More will be created by the developer community and knowledge base on the basis of the Samara State Transport University of that will help students and professionals in the development of CP to communicate on our platform and improve your skills and quality.

Keywords: transport, database, machine learning.


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Information about authors:
Dmitry N. Frantasov, Ph. D., SSTU, Samara, Russia
Pavel A. Melnikov, student, SSTU, Samara, Russia
Anna S. Klimas, student, SSTU, Samara, Russia