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Elchin B. Gezalov, Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku, Azerbaijan, gelchin_63@mail.ru

In the article the local communication network, heterogeneous on the intensity of the incoming message flow and the type of messages, with synchronous time access protocol is considered. All communication stations of the considered local network consist of three substations: speech substations, video information substations and data substations. Speech substations form the speech subnet, video information substations form the video information subnet, and data substations form the data subnet. Substations within the same subnet are homogeneous in their activity. A model of the considered local network in discrete time is being carried out, which allows assessing the effect of the failure processes and restoration of substations of network stations and the communication channel on its characteristics. Based on the developed model of the local network, the probability-time characteristics of the considered network are selected and determined.

Keywords: heterogeneous local area network, synchronous time access protocol, substation, subnet buffer, frame, time window, service interval.


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Information about author:

Elchin B. Gezalov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Telecommunication and Information Security, Azerbaijan Technical University,Baku, Azerbaijan