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Atricle 4-6 2019

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Boris V. Hlopov, JSC «CNIRTI named after academician A.I. Berg», Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia, hlopovu@yandex.ru
Vasily D. Shashurin, MGTU of N.E. Bauman, Moscow, Russia, shashurin@bmstu.ru
Sergey A. Meshkov, MGTU of N.E. Bauman, Moscow, Russia, sb67241@mail.ru
Valeria S. Samoylova, JSC Central Research Radio Engineering Institute of the Academician A.I. Berg, Moscow, Russia, samvalser@yandex.ru
Yuriy I. Apakin, JSC Central Research Radio Engineering Institute of the Academician A.I. Berg, Moscow, Russia, yura145557@yandex.ru

We investigated the modification of electromagnetic fields by means of samples made of composite materials whose properties are caused not so much by the properties of its constituent elements as by the artificially created periodic structure of an opal matrix with filling interspherical voids with clusters of magnetic conductive material which have arbitrary size and shape. Experimental samples represent a meta-environment with spatial modulation (dispersion) of magnetic, electrical properties with the size of active regions (clusters) in the range of 5-50 nm. We studied the effect of electromagnetic fields on nanocomposites and determined their electrical and magnetic properties in a wide operating range. We have developed methods and stands for testing. For example, a stand for assessing the susceptibility of samples of composite materials when exposed to an external uniform electromagnetic field in a field-forming system in the frequency range up to 500 KHz. The article presents the experimental results of exposure to pulsed magnetic fields on samples containing Fe, Ni, and Co nanoparticles made of metamaterials with lattice packing of SiO2 nanospheres. Also, presented a stand for assessing the susceptibility of samples of composite materials in the far zone when exposed to an external electromagnetic field. The article presents the results of measurements of the characteristics of a horn antenna in the far zone with the placement of nanocomposite materials containing Fe and Ni + Co nanoparticles in the antenna space. The effect of a nanocomposite with regard to the passage of an electromagnetic wave is shown in the table.

Keywords: metamaterials, composite material, pulsed magnetic field, nanoclusters, field-forming system, horn antenna.


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