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Denis Yu. Pankratov, MTUCI, Russia, dpankr@mail.ru
Anastasia G. Stepanova, MTUCI, Russia, ag.otc@rambler.ru

Large amounts of information to be transmitted result in high requirements on radio systems capacity. One of the methods to increase the capacity – using high efficiency signal processing algorithms. Computer simulation is applied for the analysis of such algorithms. In this article computer simulation was performed for MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) systems with different number of antennas for capacity and noise immunity estimation of such systems.
Future 5G systems are aimed to a significant increase of capacity using Massive MIMO technology. The developed simulation algorithms are planned to be used for MIMO systems with large number of antennas, for signals with a higher modulation order, and also for MIMO radio channels with spatially correlated fading.

Keywords: MIMO technology, Massive MIMO, 5G, computer simulation, capacity, noise immunity.


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