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Vladimir N. Maksimenko, MTUCI, Russia, vladmaks@yandex.ru

The basic problem of modern development of information technologies, in my opinion, consists in reduction of life cycle of information systems. It occurs due to reduction of time for a design stage that results in occurrence additional óÿçâèìîñòåé in a subsystem of safety and to reduction of quality of rendered services. Search of ways of acceleration of new methods of designing makes the basic problem for developers. One of tools of acceleration is use of the CASE-technology supporting all stages of life cycle on the basis of a paradigm: methodology, a method, the notation, means.
The combination of information, navigating and telecommunication technologies is the basic material for designing modern info-telecommunication systems which competitive advantages are defined by the achieved results in aspects of information safety and management of quality. Separate designing of a subsystem of information safety and a subsystem of quality management extends term of designing of all infocommunication system. In the given work questions of convergence of information safety and quality management on a design stage of the protected information system of a network of cellular mobile communication are considered.

Keywords: category theory, relations, morphisms, information security, service quality management, parallel algorithms, system exchange operators, quality of service, networks of cellular mobile communication, infocommunication services.


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Information about author:
Vladimir N. Maksimenko, Associate Professor of the IB Department, Ph.D., MTUCI, Moscow Russia