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Topical Columns

  • Legal regulation of telecommunications
  • The legislation in the field of transport and communications
  • Pressing questions of lawmaking in the field of transport and communications
  • Economy of communication, convergence of networks, universal communications, the mobile Internet
  • The market of communication services – a ratio of quality and costs
  • Conditions of formation of the basic standards of mobile communication
  • Designing and construction of networks of mobile connection Interactive services: Internet, appendices WAP, TV
  • Billing and information technologies
  • Prospects of development uniform infocommiunications spaces of a transport complex
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Use of a radio-frequency spectrum
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of the telecommunication equipment and services
  • Work of domestic associations, regional and coordinating operators
  • Operational experience of foreign operators on operation and development; granting of services of communication, including on technology of mobile communication of 3-rd generation
  • Switchboards and the switching equipment: maintenance of functioning and roaming in networks of mobile communication
  • Sources of power supplies (the integrated systems of power supplies, sources of uninterrupted power supplies, etc.)
  • The fiber-optical equipment and technologies: maintenance of construction and a configuration of networks
  • Systems of satellite navigation, GLONASS Construction of navigating systems GPS
  • The software and element base for communication networks
  • Computer and an IP-telephony Interview (original and new projects, results of activity, a problem of branch and a way of their decision, etc.)
  • Information safety
  • Exhibitions, forums, conferences, seminars
  • News


№ 1 (release –January 30)

  • Mobile TV: standards, technologies, business models Experience in implementation of decisions of foreign and Russian vendors
  • Mobile Internet and TV on mobile networks
  • Main trends in the global telecommunications industry
  • Trends of videoconferencing systems, mobile and remote office management

№ 2 (release – February 28)

  • Development of information and communication technologies and communication services market : manufacturers , suppliers , operators and providers
  • Competitive advantage solutions and equipment , development trends
  • Experience of introduction of products and solutions of Russian and foreign mobile operators
  • Analysis and statistics on operators: subscriber base, quality of coverage, equipment used
  • Additional services and services for third-generation networks
  • Construction of CRM-solutions and their integration with billing systems
  • Call-centers and a contract for customer service, communication channels, CRM strategy

№ 3 (release – March 30)

  • Current state and prospects of development of mobile communications in Russia’s regions, particularly the construction of cellular mobile communication network
  • Equipment and solutions for the construction of fiber-optic communication lines
  • Information technology for national projects and market development services information in Russia
  • Licensing, billing systems and mobile services
  • Economic model for calculating subscriber for cellular mobile
  • Measuring equipment for mobile networks

№ 4 (release – April 30)

  • Review the achievements of Russian satellite communications service providers: subscriber base, economic indicators
  • Networks of satellite communications (western experience)
  • Features design and construction of satellite communication networks
  • International integration in the satellite communications field
  • Determining the location of mobile subscriber: GPS-navigation, LBS-services
  • Features implementation and operation experience professional mobile radio systems in transport, industry, energy, for the needs of defense and special tasks

№ 5 (release – May 30)

  • Information technologies and enterprise management systems ( integrated solutions)
  • Model of the future network infrastructure operators of mobile and fixed network
  • Wired and wireless connectivity networks for small and medium businesses, the convergence of business applications and opportunities
  • System Integration: integrated vision of the advantages and disadvantages of vendors
  • Experience of successful projects, recommendations and advice for operators
  • Modernization and optimization of wired and wireless networks
  • Experience of successful marketing and pr-activities of mobile operators

№ 6 (release – June 30)

  • Technology of electronic payments security
  • Information Security
  • Departmental and corporate network
  • Monitoring and alarm systems for corporate use
  • Features design and construction of corporate mobile networks
  • Use of Radio Spectrum
  • Electronic payment facilities
  • Risk management in the telecommunications industry: methods, approaches, experiences

№ 7 (release – July 30)

  • Experience in the implementation of telecommunication equipment by cellular operators, comparative analysis equipment
  • Wireless WLAN to corporate offices and manufacturing, mobile office
  • Wi-Fi / WiMAX technologies
  • Mobile virtual network operators of mobile networks (MVNO)
  • Wireless (home, office, remote) based on modern technologies
  • Service and content services market, their role in revenues of mobile operators
  • Promoting content services strategy, how to raise ARPU and MoU
  • Benefits of using NGN and IMS systems in networks of mobile telephone communications

№ 8 (release – August 30)

  • Next Generation telecommunication networks
  • Metrology and Certification in information communications
  • Technology and components of optical transport networks and access networks
  • Directing environment and communication system
  • Design and technical operation of modern digital transport systems
  • Business model of successful development of a virtual business with a set of real value added services
  • New services, approaches to attract subscribers

№ 9 (release – September 30)

  • Digital Broadcasting and videoinformatics
  • Mobile communication systems and radio
  • Network and radio systems
  • EMC ensuring
  • Electrodynamics fields and emitters in communication systems and broadcasting
  • Transmission devices for receiving and processing radio signals
  • Satellite communications and broadcasting systems

№ 10 (release – October 30)

  • nformation and communications technology and services
  • Quality of ICT services
  • Calculation and optimization of communication systems
  • Data protection and secure communication systems
  • Information technologies in transport

№ 11 (release – November 30)

  • Mathematical modeling and communication systems
  • Information technologies
  • Main trends in the global telecommunications industry
  • Information security
  • Network and radio systems

№ 12 (release – December 30)

  • Economics and management in telecommunications
  • Political economics and political science
  • Information technology in economics and management
  • Economic model for calculating subscriber for cellular mobile
  • Development of information and communication technologies and communication services market
  • Information technology and enterprise management system based communications integrated solutions
  • Experience of successful projects, recommendations and advice for operators


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