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Call for papers (T-Comm)


T-Comm – peer-reviewed scientific journal of telecommunications and their application in transport industry.
Frequency – monthly, circulation of 1000 copies + on-lain. The wide geography of distribution makes the given edition by the effective data carrier, addressed to professionals and end users worldwide.
Journal T-Comm is aimed at the experts creating and introducing last technical decisions, and also on the end users of communication services and logistics in their daily industrial activity. On pages of journal the opinions of experts and researches are published, including articles about new technologies, the equipment, marketing, etc. T-Comm – unique Journal which covering worldwide infocommunications achievements and their introduction in transport, including satellite systems of navigation and other allied industries.

The main headings of the journal includes but not limited to:
– Calculation and optimization of communication systems;
– Internet of things and information technologies in transport;
– Directing environments and communication systems;
– Systems of mobile communication and digital TV and radio broadcasting;
– Telecommunication technologies and services;
– Mathematical modeling systems and means of communication.
– Antennas and Radio Waves Propagation
– Navigation and Mathematical Algorithms of an Object Space Orientation.
– Radiofrequency Applications.
– Wire and Optical Communication and Control Systems.
– Instrumentation and Intelligent Transportation Systems
– Digital signal processing in on-board radio systems

The average review period is 2-3 months.

The average publication period is 4-6 months after submission.



Published since 2006
by “Media Publisher LLC

ISSN 2072-8735 (Print)
ISSN 2072-8743 (Online)



Editorial office address:
111024, Moscow, Aviamotornaya str., 8, bloc 1, office 323

tel.: +7 (926) 218-82-43
e-mail: ds@media-publisher.ru







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Dr. Valery Tikhvinskiy


Svetlana S. Dymkova
(Publisher of T-Comm Journal)

Anna V. Dolgopyatova
(Dipl. engineer, editor)

Anastasiya Yu. Kudryashova
(Dipl. engineer, editor)


Artem S. Adzhemov  – (Doctor of sciences, Professor, MTUCI), Russia

Alexander P. Anyutin  – (Doctor of sciences, Professor, member of the program and organizing committee WSEAS), Russia, Mexico

Alexander S. Bugaev  -(Academician of Russian Academy of Science), Russia

Denis S. Chirov  – (Doctor of sciences, MTUCI), Russia

Vladimir G. Danilov  – (Doctor of sciences, Professor MIEM, HSE), Russia

Eric Dulkeith – (Ph.D., chief executive officer of the corporation Detecon), USA

Julius Golovatchev -(INCOTELOGY GmBH), Germany

Andrey Grebennikov-(Ph.D., Sumitomo Electric Europe), United Kingdom

Bayram Ibrahimov-(Ph.D., department “Telecommunication systems and information security” of Azerbaijan Technical University), Azerbaijan

Alexander G. Kyurkchan  -(Doctor of sciences, Professor MTUCI), Russia

Georgii A. Omel’yanov -(PhD, Professor Universidad de Sonora, Department of Mathematics, Hermosillo), Mexico

Corbett Rowell -(Doctor of sciences, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH), USA, Germany

Alexander G. Samoilov-(Doctor of sciences, VLSU), Russia

Michael Sharpe -(PhD, vice-president of the European Standards Institute – ETSI), United Kingdom, France

Sergey S. Shavrin– (Doctor of sciences, MTUCI), Russia

Nikolai N. Sysoev -(doctor of sciences., Dean of the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University. Lomonosov), Russia

Oleg V. Varlamov – (doctor of sciences, MTUCI), Russia

Albert Waal – (Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow University of Hanover. Leibniz at the Department of Communications Technology), Germany

Marina V. Yashina -(Doctor of sciences, Professor MADI), Russia

Andrey A. Yelizarov -(Doctor of sciences, Professor MIEM, HSE), Russia

Yuri B. Zubarev -(Deputy. Chairman of the Expert Council WAC electronics, radio and communications), Russia