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Content №1-2010

In a heading the information of the companies is presented:
MTS, Alcatel-Lucent, RNT, МТТ, McAfee, SkyLink, Tele2,
Cisco, Axis, Huawei, Yota.
Abilov A.V.,
The senior lecturer, candidate of technical sciences,Izhevskij gosudarstvennyj tehnicheskij universitet (IzhGTU)
Zhujkova Y.A.,
The leading engineer,
Branch in the Udmurt Republic OAO “VolgaTelekom”

The analysis of key indicators and laws of development
infocommunication in the world

The problem of a digital inequality on key indicators
of infomonications worldwide is considered. Dynamics
of development stationary telephone communication, communications,
cellular communication and the Internet in a cut of
the countries of the world grouped in level of economic
development is analysed. Value of economic development
of the country in the decision of problems of a digital
inequality is shown.
Keywords: Stationary telecommunication,
cellular communication, key indicators of infocommunication.

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Solonin Vitaly,
The leading adviser,
Victor Chistjakov,
The sales manager

Mobile WiMAX
Company J’son and Partners Consulting represents results
of the updated researches of the Russian mobile WiMAX
market which are spent from the moment of appearance
of the first commercial networks.
Keywords: Mobile WiMAX, standard IEEE

Solonin Vitaly,
The leading adviser
Victor Chistjakov,
The sales manager

Wire and wireless broadband. Competititors or complementarities?
Company J’son and Partners Consulting represents results
of the updated researches of the Russian market of wire
and wireless broadband access. Article is based on the
results of own researches of the Russian market of wire
and wireless technologies and on the reports of participants
on profile actions.
Keywords: Wire and wireless broadband
access, WiMAX, 3G.

The cost of low level of client service
The low degree of service of clients in the contact-centers
of the Russian companies makes direct impact on decrease
in profitableness of the majority of the enterprises.
Quality of work of the contact-center became a cause
of a failure of consumers from the further use of company
services in 57% of cases. And 70% of clients have passed
to competitors, the remained 30 % have simply ceased
to use similar services. All calculations are spent
at the rate of OANDA for September 2009. Cost of loss
of the client because of not enough high degree of service
is deduced on the basis of the information given by
respondents, including quantity of refusals of company
services and expenses for these services. Poll data
has been compared with the information of agency Datamonitor/Ovum
on volumes of service and financial expenses. The data
on the Russian market is calculated basing on the information
on the population of Russia taking into account age
group from 18 years.
Keywords: Contact-center, communications
channels, service level.


Kotkalo Sergey,
The general director of Company “Safe telecommunications”,
Poleshchuk Alexander,
The chief of department of consulting of Company “Safe

Optimum ways of protection of the personal data
Both, physical and legal bodies, get to sphere of action
of the federal law 152FZ “About the personal data”.
Thus the basic burden on safety is assigned to operators
of the personal data. It is necessary to carry out the
law, it is necessary to each organization to find out
as with the minimum financial and time expenses and
without influence on the main business processes to
provide protection of the personal data.

“М2М telematics” – results of 2009
The last year wasn’t simple for the companies representing
navigating branch. The market of transport telematics
and personal satellite navigation developed in the conditions
of financial crisis. In 2009 there were the essential
changes which have influenced the further development
of navigating satellite technologies GLONASS in Russia.
Despite the increased competitive struggle, in the market
of transport telematics some of the strongest players
were generated. For many companies financial instability
has brought serious falling of sales. In 2009 in the
company “М2М the telematics” has developed
a unique situation – growth in all directions!
Keywords: Telematics, personal satellite
navigation, GLONASS, transport monitoring.

Pradip Sindu,
The technical director, The vice-president of board
of directors Juniper Networks

Telecommunication technologies: power consumption

The increase in expenses on the electric power and introduction
of more strict ecological specifications draw additional
attention to aspect of “a power trace” of
the information networks. Official bodies and corporations
worldwide reduce assignments for the electric power
and aspire to lower payments for environmental contamination,
thereby forming demand for new generations of the telecommunication
equipment which use consumed energy more effectively.
Keywords: Power consumption, the telecommunication
and the network equipment.


Oleg Saushkin,
The head of representation Genesys to Russia and the

Functional integration of channels into the contact-center
Modern technologies allow make contact-centers a continuation
of a business strategy of the company and to trace efficiency
of communications with the client. At competent mutual
integration of channels and truly developed algorithms
of interaction with consumers it is possible not only
to raise a degree of service, but also to optimize expenses,
to involve new clients, to increase cross sales and
to raise a call-center recoupment. Variants of use of
the integrated channels of communications and granting
to the client a possibility of a choice of a preferable
way of communication are considered.
Keywords: Contact-center, integrated
communications channels.

Majorov M.С., Tikhvinskyj V.О.,

Technique of definition of regional correcting factor
at an estimation of economic efficiency VAS
Economic efficiency of introduction of a telecommunication
service with additional cost (VAS) in a general view
is estimated as the relation of profit to expenses.
Incomes of additional services differ depending on a
place of granting of service. As, incomes and population
influence demand of an additional telecommunication
service. In subjects of the Russian Federation population
incomes have various indicators. Accordingly, formation
of the price for an additional telecommunication service
should be made taking into account a regional indicator,
which in turn, should consider population.
Keywords: VAS, total regional product,
the correcting factor, economic efficiency.

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