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Content №1-2015

Ageev S.A., Saenko I.B.
Method of intellectual multi-agent information security risk management in protected multiservice special-purposed networksPushkarev A.V, Orlov V.G.
Evolution of video forming and delivery techniсs to mobile terminalsKudryavtseva E.N., Roslyakov A.V.
The application of Network Calculus to a research of queuing systems with feedback

Semenov S.S., Volovikov V.S., Smolekha A.V.
Conceptual model of the process to address loss of communications technology and military equipment connection when using a signal unit of the Military district

Vorobev L.V., Tkachev D.F.
Proposal on the implementation of mechanisms to ensure voice quality in infocommunication network of special purpose

Varlamov O.V.
Using the extraordinary wave for digital DRM NVIS broadcastingEfimova N.A.
Radiation pattern deformation minimization of the UWB horn antennasBezrukov V.N., Popov A.V., Aladin V.M.
Distortions of The Image Signals In Modern Television Systems

Vinogradenko A.M., Ladonkin O.V., Yurov A.S.
Monitoring system the technical condition rolling military object with use radio technology

Nazarov N.G.
About innovative peculiarities of the patent for utility model “Automated measurement system for assessing the quality of objects during certification testing”Filonenko PA.
Complex technique of the automated calculation of reliability of products of space-rocket technics on the basis of association and generalizations of the data containing in primary information documents on results of tests and operation
Batalov A.E., Sineva I.S.
Comparative analysis of error-correcting properties of genetic noise immunity coding algorithms for clustered source spacesInyutin S.A.
The integral indicator – criterion for enterprise resource control system at the complexity objectLiseykin R.E.
Algorithm zoning regional multiservice network of special purpose
Syskov V.V., Kovalenko D.V.
Organization of collective work of officials of the military command and control with use enterprise-technology
Gerasimov A.B., Solovyev D.M., Demidov P.G.
An efficient use of DAC dynamic range In frequency-selective channel simulatorSaltykov A.R.
Malicious attacks in PONs