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Content №1-2016

Golubnichaya E.Yu., Likhttsinder B.Y.
Temporary planning cluster wireless sensor networks ZIGBEELegkov K.E.
Models and methods of monitoring parameters characterizing the state of the infocommunication systems a special purposeMaslennikov A.G.
Experimental research of traffic control application in linux-router queue discipline based on fuzzy logicBaginyan A.S., Dolbilov A.G., Korenkov V.V.
Network for data-center Tier 1 at JINR for experiment CMS (LHC)Bykov V.V.
Features a cyclic code with a symbol interleaving
Kyurkchan A.G., Smirnova N.I.
T-matrixes method on the basis of the continued boundary conditions method
Zhadnov V.V., Kulygin V.N., Lushpa I.L.
Development of program for calculating the durability of radio-signals processing devicesAbdumanonov A.A., Aliyev R.E., Karabayev M.K., Hoshimov V.G.
About design medical databases and information systems for the organization and management of clinical processes
Demina E.V., Karpushina N.D., Gushchina L.I.
Process approach, network planning, lean manufacturing, project management of the educational process implementationMaiofis L.I.
Improvement of advertising business using information technologiesBritsov R.A.
Ranking data based on users’ marks and behavior
Antonov D.V., Arhangelskiy V.A., Beloglazova N.Yu.
The accuracy of independent location of a distress radiobeacon derived from the measurements of time and frequency of arrival at the COSPAS-SARSAT medium earth orbiting satellites
Aitmagambetov A.Z., Butuzov Yu.A., Kulakayeva А.Е.
Mathematical models for determining the location of radio emission sources in radio monitoring systems on the basis on low-orbit satellitesRyabinin A.M., Filatov V.I., Belkov I.V.
Model of channel information leakage via software – managed side electromagnetic radiation