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Content № 11-2017


Pavlov I.I., Lebedyancev V.V., Abramov S.S., Abramova E.S.
Review and analysis of madatov echo cancellation on the basis of the transversal filter and table ecocompensation full-duplex data transmission systems

Ryzhkov A.V., Koltunov M.N., Nasonov A.Y., Schwartz M.L.
Problems of comparing time scales in packet telecommunication networks

Vardanyan V.A.
Simulation the transmission of OFDM signals over the dispersive fiber-optic link

Danilov A.N., Maximov S.P., Kupriyanov D.O.
Analysis of approaches in using wireless technologies for building multi service office telecommunication networks

Likhttsinder B.Y.
Features of multi-channel processing of burst traffic


Shmakov N.D., Ivanyushkin R.Yu.
Modeling of distributed amplifier on the field-effect transistors BLF278 for HF and VHF BANDS


Tolmachev V.V., Bulach S.S., Klychkov I.A.
Results of experimental study of cache-memory efficiency of microprocessor systems based on imitation modeling

Sazonov A.S., Zelensky P.V., Shevelev S.V.
Technology Metall as a servise as a tool for providing cloud services

Sokolov Y.G., Morozov B.N.
The electromagnetic fields influence upon computers


Mikhailov S.N., Koptev D.S., Shevtsov A.N., Shchitov A.N.
Information and telecommunication system of automatic determination of the moment of crossing by vehicle with dividing binding of traffic strips


Dokuchaev V.A., Eremenko V.A., Maklachkova V.V., Mytenkov S.S., Shevelev S.V.
Professional qualifications of specialists for quality control at information and communication systems



Rogozinsky G.G.
Tcyber-physical objects and their models for multisensory data representation


Ryzhikh S.V., Marykova L.A., Marykov M.V., Lihtsinder B.Y., Clitheroe S.
Comparison of algorithms for constructing queues while ensuring quality of service

Portnov E.L., Rabenandrasana J.
The influence of phase self-modulation and phase cross-modulation for the transmission of signals optical fiber

Khasianova E.R.
The modern state analysis of digital signal processing applying due to the quadrature downconversion inaccurates compensation at the zero-if receivers