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Content №12-2014

AllRussian Scientific and Technical Conference “ACS2014”
Batalov Alexey, Sineva Irina.
Optimization of genetic algorithms of message source codingBusaev O.G., Ignatov F.M.
Peculiarities of formation of information signals for systems TV with interframe processing of image signals

Bykov V.V.
Features of character codes with interleaving

Denisov Alla.
To the question about the use of information and telecommunications in extracurricular sphere of activity of educational institutions

Ignatov F.M., Basaev O.G.
Television motion detectors

Karapuzov M.A., Polesskiy S.N., Zhadnov V.V.
Addiction of environment factors to of SHF devices

Kreyndelin V.B., Starovoytov M.Yu.
Method of demodulation of high order MIMO without precoding based on the use of parallel computation

Krenkel Teodor E., Bazanova Maria A.
Quantum Daubechies wavelettransform

Kryukovsky A.S., Lukin D.S., Butrimov M.A.
Research of distinctions between results of numerical modeling of ray structure of radiowaves at use of the data received with the help of experiments and from empirical ionospheric model IRI

Legkov. K.E., Burenin A.N.
About stability of control of the server equipment of the modern infocommunication networks of the special purpose

Lisichkin Vladimir.
Сontrol reliability estimation model of telecommunication system parameters on basis of possibilisticstatistical approach

Lukin D.S., Kryukovky A.S., Cherniak Ya.M.
Analys of influence a magnetic field model sat numerical modeling of distribution in short wave propagation in the Earth’s ionosphere

Mammadov I.R., Aliyev Z.B.
Influence on the accuracy of power adjustment immunity uplink mobile

Namiot Dmitry E., ShnepsShneppe Manfred A.
On international standards for M2M

Popichenko Vladimir
The reflection of the shock wave from the open end of the shock tube

Sannikov V. G, Korolkov A.A., Gerasimenko N.V.
Method of the joint parameters estimation and filtering of noisy speech in vocal codecs

Portnov Eduard, Marinosyan Emil.
Chromatic dispersion in the singlemode optical fibers and its restrictions in case of chirping

Sedelnikov Yu.E., Fadeeva L.Yu.
Video synthesized method of cable lines diagnosis

Sedov V.M. Kornyukhin V.I.
Reflective properties of dielectric layers

Smirnov E.V.
Generalized antenna theorem

Sergey Stepanov, Andrey Romanov.
RealTime traffic service modeling specialities of a finite user group and data traffic with a dynamically changeable transmission speed on access lines

Terekhov A.N.
Analysis of the probability of providing remote power supply optical network terminal via fiber optic cables

Fedotova T.N.
Analysis of the microstrip aerial of aircraft method of the integrated equations

Sheluhin Oleg I., Chernyshev Anton I.
Research and modeling neural network algorithm for detecting an abnormal Intrusion

Frisk V.V.
Study of the end single wire

Shkliarevskyi Igor.
Precision Time Protocol in different applications: profile comparative analysis