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Content №2-2010

In a heading the information of the companies is presented:
MTS, Alcatel-Lucent, МТТ, McAfee, SkyLink, M2M, Cisco,
Nokia Siemens Networks, LETA IT-Company, Juniper Networks,
Tranzas, Treelogic, Dialogic.
Space technologies
Kuchejko A.A.,
Candidate of technical sciences, the assistant to the
general director of SKANEKS
Zatjagalova V.V.,
The head of department of operative radar-tracking monitoring,

The Russian space technologies: new possibilities
of operative monitoring and control

Shooting of the Earth from space possesses conclusive
advantages before alternative ways of reception of the
geospatial information at the decision of a wide spectrum
of problems. In Russia during the past years the increase
in use of materials of satellite shooting in work of
the various organizations, the enterprises, departments,
etc., is marked, mostly on the oil and gas branch and
reaction services on emergency situations. Examples
of practical application of modern space technologies
used for monitoring of ecological and ship conditions
in water area of Northern Caspian sea (august-november
of 2009 project, which represents interests of company
“Lukoil Nizhnevolzhskneft”), and also for
control and liquidation of consequences of emergency
situations on an example of the international humanitarian
operation to Haiti in January, 2010 (in interests of
the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia) are considered.
Keywords: Space technologies, satellite
monitoring, remote sounding, space shooting.

1. Kuchyejko A.A. i dr. Rossijskie servisy sputnikovogo
monitoringa neftyanyh zagryaznenij morskih akvatorij:
ryealii i vozmozhnosti / / zhurnal”Zemlya iz kosmosa
– naibolyee effektivnye resheniya “. – V.3, 2009.
2. Kuchyejko A.A., Zatyagalova V.V., Filimonova N.A.
Otechestvennye tehnologii operativnogo sputnikovogo
monitoringa morskih akvatorij/ / Zhurnal “Zemlya
iz kosmosa – naibolyee effektivnye resheniya “.
– V.2, 2009.
3. Stanovoj V.V., Lavrenov I.V., Nyeelov I.A. Sistema
modelirovaniya razlivov nefti v ledovityh moryah / /
Problemy Arktiki i Antarktiki,2007. – V.77. – P.716.
4. Stanovoj V.V., Ashik I.M., Filchuk K.V.
Operativnaya model rasprostraneniya neftyanyhzagryaznenij
v arkticheskih moryah. / / MaterialyVtoroj Mezhdunarodnoj
Arkticheskoj konf. “Neva2009 “. – SPb., 2009.
5. Kuchyejko A.A. i dr. Opyt primeneniya kosmosemki
dlya zadach monitoringa i likvidatsii posledstvij CHS
na primere mezhdunarodnoj gumanitarnoj operatsii na
Gaiti v yanvare 2010 / / Zhurnal “Zemlya iz kosmosa
– naibolyee effektivnye resheniya “. – V.4, 2010.

Sviridenko V.A., Budnik R.A.,
info@spiri tdsp.com

Satellite positioning in premises – a new direction
in navigation

Necessity to know where a certain mobile subscriber
of a communication network is (in particular, with a
view of its safety) and development of LBS service staticizes
a solution of a positioning problem “always and
everywhere”, including and premises. One of approaches
in its decision is a supersensitive program navigating
receivers for mobile devices (netbooks, smart phones,
communicators, MID, etc.), frequently connected to the
Internet and provided with a powerful processor to which
support of some applications is usually assigned. Such
receivers will be very soon presented in the market
of navigating devices and there is described one of
pioneer decisions in this area which provides positioning
not only out of premises, but also in them thanks to
the developed algorithmic shifts and knowhows.
Keywords: Satellite positioning, LBS,
navigating receivers, radio signal.

Companies NXP and IBM declared results of tests of
system of payment of road duties

The tests spent in the Netherlands, show how high technologies
of the organization of road duties payment can stimulate
change of driver’s preferences and reduce number of
Keywords: Road duties, GPS, Vehicles.

Company controler Gelix light “Gelix wireless

The today’s market of telematic controlers offers the
big variety of devices for all tastes and the budget.
It would Seem, professional consumers already difficultly
чемто to surprise. And still the Russian firm “Geliks
Wireless Systems” has tried to make it, having
deduced on the market new modern controler Gelix Light.
In what is its difference and novelty?

Galina Bolshova,
The leading expert,
Pavel Ermolich,
Commercial director J’son and Partners Consulting,

Research of Russian market VSAT Newsletter J’son
and Partners Consulting

Company J’son and Partners Consulting represents results
of updated own researches of Russian market VSAT, which
are spent from the moment of occurrence of the first
commercial networks with use of interview of the basic
participants and attraction of experts of the market.
Keywords: VSAT, satellite communication,
frequency regulation.


Legkov K.E., Donchenko A.A., Sadovov V.V.,
SeveroKavkazsky branch MTUCI

Modern technologies of 802.16е wireless broadband access
and LTE: introduction prospects on transport
Now modern transport is in a modernization stage that
is absolutely necessary for increase of safety and efficiency
of transportations. For achievement of it the modern
system capable automatically to operate available resources
is required and operatively to make decisions at corresponding
level. Working capacity of the given system will be
defined by quality of operating-technical communication
on transport, a key question a choice of the most qualitative
Keywords: LTE, WiMAX, wireless broadband
access, a transport network.

1. Legkov K.Ye. Analiz standartov sistem besprovodnogo
dostupa / / Sbornik trudov mezhdunarodnoо molodezhnoj
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– RostovnaDonu: SKF MTUSI, 2008. – P. 4547.
2. 802.16 IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area
networks. Part 16: Air Interface for Fixed Broadband
Wireless Access Systems // IEEE Computer Society and
the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, 2004.
2. Legkov K.Ye., Donchenko A.A. Analiz system peredachi
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3. Donchenko A.A., Legkov K.Ye. Besprovodnye gorodskie
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4. 802.162004 IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan
Area Networks, Part 16, Air Interface for Fixed Broadband
Wireless Access Systems // June 24, 2004. – Р. 219217.
5. Donchenko A.A., Legkov K.Ye. Postroenie radiosistemy
na osnove ortogonalnogo chastotnogo multipleksirovaniya
(OFDM) / / Sbornik trudov mezhdunarodnoj molodezhnoj
nauchnopraktiches koj konferentsii “INFOKOM-2008”.
– Rostov naDonu: SKF MTUSI, 2008. – P.3541.

Abilov A.V.,
The senior lecturer, candidate of technical sciences,
The Izhevsk state technical university (IzhGTU)
Zhujkova E.A.,
The leading engineer,
Branch in the Udmurt Republic Open Society “VolgaTelecom”

The analysis of indicators of dynamics of development
infocommunicatoins in regions of Russia

The analysis of dynamics of infocommunications development
in regions of Russia is carried out. Laws of infocommunications
development are investigated: stationary telecommunication,
mobile radio telephone communication, data transmission
and telematic services. The substantiation of infocommunication
inequalities among regions of Russia is resulted.
Keywords: Typology of regions, stationary
and mobile telecommunication, data transmission, telematic

1. Abilov A.V. Zakonomernosti razvitiya regionalnogo
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5. Moskvitin V.D., Kurenkova N.A. Razvitie in fokommunikatsij
v stranah s perehodnoj ekonomikoj i regionah Rossii
/ / Trudy Mezhdunarodnoj akademii svyazi, 2002. – №2.
– P.1419.
6. Rekomendatsii MASGIO. – 2003. – 100 p.

Lobanov B.S,
candidate of technical sciences, the professor,
General director FGUP “CNIRTI im. academica A.I.
Bondarev J.S.,
Professor, the first deputy general director FGUP “CNIRTI
im. A.I. Berg”
Hlopov B.V.,
candidate of technical sciences, the senior lecturer,
the chief of department
FGUP “CNIRTI im. A.I. Berg”,

Increase of efficiency of protection of the information
in corporate communication networks

The variant of protection of a corporate information
communication network with use of a method of automatic
deleting of the information at unapproved access is
considered. Results of research of quality of deleting
of the information from modern rigid magnetic data carriers
are resulted by pulse magnetic fields and recommendations
about designing of devices of deleting of the information
are made.
Keywords: Protection of the information,
corporate communication networks, rigid magnetic carriers,
devices of deleting of the information.

1. Kontseptsiya zashchity sredstv vychislitelnoj tehniki
i avtomatizirovannyh sistem ot nesanktsionirovannogo
dostupa k informatsii, utv. resheniem Prezident Goskomissii
Rossii ot30.03.1992, www.novcom.ru.
2. Gulyaev YU.V., Mityagin A. YU., Hlopov B.V. Unichtozhenie
informatsii s nakopitelyej na zhestkih magnitnyh diskah.
– Izd. “Nauchtehlitizdat”, Inzhenernaya fizika,
2004. – №2. – P.212.
3. Hlopov B.V., Kuzminyh A.S., Mityagin A.YU. Perspektivy
razvitiya ustrojstv hraneniya informatsii / / Trudy
XIV Mezhdunarodnoj nauchnotehnicheskoj konferentsii
“Vysokie tehnologii v promyshlennosti Rossii”.
– M.: izd. TSNITI”Tehnomash”, 11-13 sentyabrya
2008. – P.335340.
4. Patent Rossijskoj Federatsii №2239884, 10.11.2004.
5. Patent Rossijskoj Federatsii №2368019, 20.09.2009.

Alexander Chub,
The head of representation of corporation 3Com to Russia
and the CIS,

About new approaches in sphere of safety of networks
and new products of the company 3Com

Realization of deep and complex protection is considered
at the analysis of the traffic and decision-making on
executed politicians, by means of more rigid integration
of network screens, systems of prevention of intrusions
(IPS), and other network devices as final systems frequently
are only a partial solution of a problem. Within the
limits of a network advanced technologies of the analysis
of packages of the data and function of execution the
politician, the safety of following generation realized
in systems that will allow to introduce more difficult
politicians on all extent of a network should be used.
Keywords: Safety of networks, Identification
of users, Content, date-center, virtual network.

Medvedeva E.V.,
The senior lecturer of chair of radio-electronic means,
the doctoral candidate, candidate of technical sciences,

Viatka state university,
Kurbatova E.E.,
The post-graduate student, Viatka state university,

Method of segmentation of images in applied television

The method of segmentation on the basis of allocation
of contours is offered. The method is based on representation
of digital half-tone pictures by two-dimensional discretely
valued markovsky process. The size quantity of the information
is calculated for allocation of contours in elements
of digit binary images. The method demands small computing
resources and allows to allocate objects on a non-uniform
Keywords: Segmentation, allocation of contours
on the image, digital half-tone pictures, markovsky
process, quantity of the information.

1. Petrov Ye.P. Vychislenie statisticheskoj izbytochnosti
staticheskih izobrazhenij / Ye. P. Petrov, Medvedeva
Ye.V. – “Voprosy radioelektroniki”, ser. RLT,
2008, v.3. – M., 2008. – P.7683.
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4. Rodzhers D. Algoritmicheskie osnovy mashinnoj grafiki
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BonchBruevich M.M.,
Post-graduate student MTUCI,
The engineer of Capital branch Open Society “Megaphone”

Use of an interval of access for management of distribution
of the traffic in the field of a local overload of GSM

The offer on application of an interval of access for
management of user’s loading on a cell, serving area
of occurrence of a local overload is formulated. Dynamic
management in cell parameters, serving area of occurrence
of a local overload, will allow to lower probability
of refusal of service of the subscriber who is in the
field. Conditions defining possibility of application
of a method and an estimation of its efficiency are
Keywords: Local overload, GSM, access interval,
parameters honeycombs, cover zone.

1. Shorin O.A., BonchBruevich M.M. Lokalnaya peregruzka
v radioseti sotovoj svyazi standarta GSM / / Tezisy
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otsenki vliyaniya kanala upravleniya i podvizhnosti
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sotovoj svyazi po trafiku / / Tezisy doklada na mezhdunarodnom
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“. – M.: Insvyazizdat, 2008. – P.192-193.

Tikhvinskiy V.O.,
Member of Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural
Chairman ITT the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
Doctor of econimacal sciences, the professor

Results MW C2010: LTE from the theory to practice
From February,15th untill February,18th, 2010 in Barcelona
(Spain) the World mobile congress (MWC2010) has taken
place. The congress has been traditionally organized
and spent by the World association of operators GSM
(GSMA). According to Association GSMA in Congress and
exhibition work has taken part more than 49 thousand
persons from 200 countries of the world. More than 1300
companies have presented on 56 thousand square meters
the innovative achievements and workings out in 8 pavilions
of an exhibition. On MWC2010 has arrived more than 2800
top-managers of the largest companies of operators and
manufacturers of the mobile equipment, and also representatives
from 2400 bodies of the press and information resources.
More than 54% of visitors of an exhibition represented
managers of supervising levels of the telecommunication
companies. MWC2010 was already the fifth World mobile
congress which was spent in Barcelona after its moving
from Cannes (France).

1. http:// www.mobileworldcongress.com.
2. Mobile World Congress Daily, 15-18 February 2010.