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Content №2-2015

Nikolashin Yu.L., Budko P.A., Zholdasov E.S., Zhukov G.A.
The increase efficincy of decameter radio linesGlushkov A.N.
Application of the device incoherent demodulation “as a whole” phase-shift keyed signals radio systems control

Gusev A.P., Pedan A.V., Semenov S.S.
Offers on application of technology of radio-frequency identification by working out of scientifically-methodical maintenance of the automated system of the account and control of moving of technics and property of communication of military district

Legkov K.E.
Оrganization of administrative processes by infocommunication networks of a special purpose

Fenchuk M.M., Sineva I.S.
Noise immunity analysis of bch codes through using preliminary genetic-coded message source

Tregubov R.B., Mjasin N.I., Mjasin K.I.
The optimization of a bit transmission rates in channels of a packet switched transport communication network providing a maximum of probability of timely delivery of protocol data UNITS

Varlamov O.V.
Study of drm digital broadcasting in the mf fading zoneGorshkov Yu.G.
Speech processing on the basis of wavelets
Bulychev Yu.G., Nasenkov I.G., Nicholas P.I.
Transfer function databank of line control and real-time control action selection preforming methodNosov M.V.
Quality of functioning of automated control systems special purpose and technology its analysis
Chuklyaev I.I.
Game model justification means of complex protection of information resources on hierarchical information and control system
Brunilin A.A., Kuvaev V.O., Saenko I.B.
An ontological approach to information interaction organization of heterogeneous automated systems for special purposes
Sobetov K.O.
Data warehouse for universal information rating system
Khaydarov R.R., Nesterenko O.E., Legkov K.E.
Interactive training complex on discipline “operating system and environment” as part of the e-campus institution of higher education
Pastukhov A.S., Litvinov A.I., Ledyankin I.F., Legkov K.E.
Technical condition contactless control methodology of electrical power supply systems for special purposes
Grigoriev K.L., Kolesnikov K.G., Legkov K.E.
Functioning analysis method and development of recommendations to modernize the elements and subsystems of the automated control system of spacecraft
Shatalova N.V., Baharev T.S.
Methods and geoinformation technologies used for evaluation of territory infestation with linear erosion processes in socially important areas under conditions of transport engineering and technical constructions density of urban territory
Varlamov O.V.
The radio noise effect on the coverage area of drm broadcast transmitter in different regionsGriazev A.N., Melnik S.V., Petrov D.A., Smirnov N.I.
New generation mobile networks synchronization