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Content №3-2009

In a heading the information of the companies is presented:
MTS, SITA, Tranzas, МТУСИ, Антор Business of the Decision, IТТ the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Inform-media Russia, NVision Group, RZD, Cisco
Poleshchikova Elena, Julia Ozerova.
Cellular communication in Russia
(The newsletter of the company J’son and Partners Consulting)
User’s base, gain of subscribers, communication statements, SIM-cards

Sergey Savin, Julia Ozerova.
The Russian market of UMTS-phones
UMTS-phones, networks of 3rd generation, mobile Internet access

Kuzovkova T.A.
Economic-legal aspects of convergence in the market infocommunication services
In clause the reasons, factors and conditions of perfection of the legislation owing to convergence of networks, technologies and services of communication and computer science are considered. Convergence has resulted not only in formation of branch infocommunication and essential transformation of economic properties services, but also has demanded essential modernization of a legal field of activity of participants of the market.
Infocommunications, multiservice networks, wireless broadband access, content-services, switching of packages IP, the legislation

Life-support systems for many years forward
(Interview with chief of department on work with the enterprises of transport NVision Group, Sergey Shegelskiy)

As a result of realization of the plan of Open Society RZD on modernization of computer centres (data-processing centre) the company NVision Group has finished the first important stage – has carried out reconstruction of existing engineering systems for three data-processing centres) the Project has appeared very difficult as it was required to spend works in a “hot” mode, without a stop of the centers. About details of realization of the project edition talks with chief of a department on work with the enterprises of transport NVision Group Sergey Shegelskiy.
Computer centres, installation of engineering systems, data-processing centre, scheduling, monitoring

Meleshko D.A., Reznikova N.P.

Industrial and logistical problems of reforming “Pochta Rossii”

Reforming of productions “Pochta Rossii” is a necessary condition of successful performance by the enterprise of the functions and assumes change of structure of management by a post network, reduction of non-productive costs, modernization and automation of all components of system with a view of radical improvement of the basic parameters of quality of work of a network. In article problems are considered, without the permission of which development of optimum model industrial (including transport) process of an exchange by mail, in view of features of a modern mail service and requirements of a new principle of construction of a network – zone-central is impossible.
Mail service, logistics, the main centres, warehouse operations, mail sorting

Denis Kalemberg.
The Internet-banking: while we shall wound, but it is not hopeless!

Recently news lines of mass-media, blogs, columns of experts quite often touch a theme of information safety in a context of remote bank services. Whether anti-recessionary measures during staff redundancies, whether losses from the happened incidents, care of the reputation in astable economic conditions or aspiration to catch new clients – the reasons for a raising of questions of protection set. But it is much more important – her effective realization, transparent for bank and convenient for users. As it has been fairly noticed on one of bank forums: in maintenance of system of protection of electronic bank services it is necessary to apply a principle of reasonable sufficiency. Otherwise efforts of security services in good business of protection of the user data will pour out in efforts of users to bypass these measures of protection.
The Internet-banking, information safety, remote bank services, fishing-attack, login/password, the electronic digital signature

New world research: the technology can help{assist} with dialogue, but many forget about safety (Norton Online Living Report)

Paul Rozhkov.
Actual systems of security video observation from company Axis Telecommunications
Security video observation, network systems, railway transportation, the digital video image


Systems of conditional access Conax in projects of digital radio TV
Analog methods television and broadcastings not only have hopelessly become outdated, but also strike at the rights of consumers, giving the limited amount of channels to viewing rather doubtful quality. Deficiency of radio-frequency channels also promotes introduction of a digital television announcement. Cable networks cover basically large cities. Construction of cable or broadband networks manages expensively for operators, especially in areas with a difficult relief. All it creates preconditions for development of digital radio TV.
Systems of conditional access, digital radio TV, digital receivers (STB), information safety
Agadzhanjants G.B.
Information and logical model of data processing from polytypic sources

Article is devoted to development of the complex approach for the decision of problems of gathering and processing of the information from polytypic sources in the automated control systems. Application of the complex approach, will allow to avoid duplication of the information and to increase efficiency of the decision of problems of an identification of the information.
The automated control systems, model of precedents, supply with information

Legkov K.E., Donchenko A.A.
Wireless mesh-networks of special assignment

Now the most widespread technology of wireless access which is everywhere applied to transfer of a plenty of the traffic of a various kind, the standard of wireless local networks IEEE 802.11 is. To one of the most perspective directions of development of technology Wi-Fi became the mesh-networks described in standard IEEE 802.11s. In article the opportunity of application of the given standard for forces of special assignment and work of one of known algorithms of assignment of channels in networks IEEE 802.11s – Hyacinth with the centralized way of assignment of channels is considered.
Special purpose Mesh-networks, technology Wi-Fi, routeing

Bochechka G.S.
Methods of an estimation of the channel, based on built in the pilot-signals in systems OFDM

The channel estimation techniques for OFDM systems based on pilot arrangement are investigated. The channel estimation based on block-type pilot and comb-type pilot arrangement is studied. The performances of both schemes are compared for different channel models.
System OFDM, radio channel, interpolation methods, the pilot-signal, dopler displacement

Kondratov A.G., Stepanov B.L.
Features of calculation of throughput of cellular networks of mobile communication

One of directions of development of networks of mobile communication in Russia is perfection of an infrastructure of digital networks of mobile communication on the basis of the all-European standard GSM, assuming adaptation of system parameters and frequency-territorial plans to size, spatial distribution and density of user’s loading. In article problems of calculation of throughput of networks of mobile communication in view of development of their structure are considered.
SPRS-OP, frequency-territorial planning, a frequency spectrum, networks GSM, base stations, the radio interface


XI International congress “Innovative economy and quality of management ”



III International Forum on satellite navigation

3-rd Branch scientific conference-forum of “Technology of an information society ”

XXIV-th International conference “Development infocommunication and information right in Russia, the CIS countries and EU ”

Transport Forum-2009, Novorossiysk