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Content №5-2015

27th International Exhibition “ExpoComm-2015” and the first Мedia and communications forumNavigation market – reload. New routes
Vishnevsky V.M., Krishnamoorthy A., Kozyrev D.V., Larionov A.A., Ivanov R.E.
Methods for research and building up the broadband wireless Communication networks along the long transport routesZelmanov S.S.
Еnergetik detector of single impulse interference with fixed and tracing threshold

Ignatov A.V., Shuvalov V.P.
The reliability of subscriber access networks LR-PON

Simakov D.V., Kuchin A.V.
Analysis of statistical characteristics of the internet-traffic in a backbone link

Kukharenko A.S., Yelizarov A.A.
Analysis of metamaterial physical features and constituted frequency-selective devicesLemeshko N.V., Zakharova S.S.
Criterion decomposition linear conductor electromagnetic fields in calculating

Loktev D.A.
The definition of geometric parameters of the object by analyzing a series of images

Rysin Yu.S.
Nonstandardized parameters of acoustic signals and noises affecting a per person

Shkolniy S.I
Method of DVB SFN optimization

Varlamov O.V.
Method of organization global digital radio broadcasting network in the LW BAND

Shatalova N.V., Baharev T.S.
Methods and geo-information technologies used for evaluation of territory infestation with linear erosion processes in socially important areas under conditions of transport engineering and technical constructions density of urban territoryPtitsyn G.A.
Research in active transit reducing
Reznikova N.P., Artemieva G.S., Kulikova K.N.
Improvement of control function in the interstate specialized organization for the transition to result-oriented management
Ievlev O.Р.
The paradoxes of modern telecommunication networksLevakov A.K., Sokolov A.N., Sokolov N.A.
Models of incoming traffic in packet networks