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Content №6-2015

Vorozhtsov A.S., Tutova N.V., Tutov A.V.
Optimal cloud servers placement in data centersGrebeshkov A.Y., Zuev A.V.
Exploring access procedure to transmission channel in the next generation reconfigurable cognitive networksRoslyakov A.V., Lysikov A.A., Haliullina Ju.T.
Planning and optimization problems of service overlay networks

Sannikov V.G., Alyoshintsev A.V.
High frequency modem as one of the main elements of the “Smart building” system as part of a remote objects control

Frolov A.A., Shinakov Yu.S.
Research and development of multifrequency uwb systems with df signals

Konkin V.V.
Options for the construction of a unified system of radio monitoring in moscow region

Yelizarov А.А., Shaymardanov R.V.
The analysis of methods and devices for biofabrics transurethral microwave thermotherapyKornyukhin V.I., Sedov V.M.
Calculation and pilot studies of the flat printing two-layer aerialGainutdinov T.A., Garankina N.I., Kocherzhewski V.G.
Two-unit matching device of the long-wave broadcasting antennas

Kravchenko N.P., Mukhin S.V., Presnyakov S.A.
Millimeter-band slow-wave structures

Mozgovoi Yu.D., Khritkin S.A.
Features of interaction of counter-propagating electron beams in the drift tube

Nefedov V.N., Mamontov A.V., Simonov V.P., Chebykin A.E.
Evaluation of microwave radiation applicability for the heat treatment of basalt and its products

Boychenko I.V., Serdotetskaya L.K.
Assessment of relationship between satisfaction and loyalty of tv audience as consumers of tv advertising
Yahya Al-Naggar.
A novel clustering method for wireless body area sensor networks using fuzzy logicShuvalov V.P., Minina E.A., Mitroshina N.O.
Reasonability of dependability differentiated service of connection requests