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Content №9-2014

Alekseev E.B.Requirements for the technical operation of the digital transport networks, ensuring the integrity and stability of the unified telecommunication network of the Russian Federation

Adzhemov A.S., Khromoy B.P.
Ensuring the uniformity of measurements chromatic dispersion in an optical fiber

Adjovi Agbogbo Eros.
Introduction to polarization mode dispersion

Andreev V.A., Burdin V.A., Bourdine A.V.
Possibilities of few-mode technologies application for high-speed long-haul optical fiber links

Veronika Antonova, Elena Malikova.
The research of the influence of the service and the information traffic on each other in LTE networks

Botvinko A.Yu., Samouylov K.Y.
Analysis of Call Admission Control Schemes in CDMA Network with Reservation for Soft Handovers Calls

Natalya Bogomolova, Elena Malikova.
Dynamic sensor survey strategy, installed in industrial sites upon the dependent activity of sensors

Borodakiy V.Yu., Gudkova I.A., Ostrikova D.Y.
Recursive algorithm for calculating mean service downtime in LTE network model

Vinogradov A.N., Tereshonok M.V.
Features of approach to contemporary radio monitoring software development

Efanov V.I., Grinshpon Ya.S., Vozhdaev D.V., Utkina A.S.
Loss Calculation in Optic Power Devisors and Damping in Single-mode Optic Fiber

Alexander Zubilevich, Vyacheslav Kolesnikov.
To the definition of time-probabilistic parameters of the optical cable

Vladimir Karyakin, Dmitry Karyakin, Lyudmila Morozova.
Method of measuring and calibration delays signal to in transmitters DVB-T2 standard

Lobov Evgeny, Kosilov Ilya, Kandaurov Nikolay, Elsukov Boris.
Method of estimating the parameters of the frequency dispersion of ionospheric channel via wideband BPSK

Manonina Irina.
Using wavelet analysis to assess the quality of reflectogram

Portnov E.L., Marinosyan E.H.
Chromatic dispersion in single-mode optical fiber and its limitations when chirping

Portnov E.L., Grigoryan A.K.
PMD in a fiber-optic transmission line

Evstratov A.G., Pustovoitov E.L.
Analysis of interfering signal impact on a digital system receiver in case of given set of signal and interference fadings distributions

Rykov K.S.
Investigation of the Quasi-Linear Equivalent Circuit Model of BJT for Power Amplification Analysis

Serge Sydney, Alexander Zubilevich, Vladimir Tsarenko.
Choice stormsteady cable according to economic criteria in conditions of uncertainty

Speransky V.S., Klintsov O.I.
Optical Logic Signal Processing Devices

Treshchikov V.N., Naniy O.E., Leonov A.V.
Aspects of development of high capacity DWDM systems

Sheluhin O.I., Filinova A.S.
The comparative analysis of detection algorithms detection of traffic anomalies methods of the discrete wavelet-analysis

Valery O. Tikhvinskiy, Grigory Bochechka.
Concept and QoS requirements in 5G networksHiang Chuan, Tan.
LTE/LTE-Advanced PHY Layer Coding Rate Based Performance Verification