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Content №9-2016

Simonov V.P., Chebykin A.E., Saygin I.A., Nefedov V.N., Mamontov A.V.
Thermal hardening of parabolic polymer composite antennas with the use of microwave radiationSmirnov E.V.
Study three-channel model of arbitrary receiving antennaVolkov R.V., Saypin V.N., Sevidov V.V.
Model measuring the time delay and frequency shift of the radio signal received from the satellite repeater in locating ground terminal
Abramov V.A., Kas’janov A.A., Popov O.B., Terekhov A.N.
Raising of efficiency of using a mobile radio system channel while transferring a sound broadcasting signalMiroshnikova N.E.
Adaptive filtering for HF channel estimationStepanov S.N., Salameh Nemer.
The construction and analysis of the two-flow link model with finite number of subscribers and the possibility of inner blocking

Speranski V.S., Abramov S.V., Klintsov O.I., Shuvalov V.M.
The characteristics of radio-over fiber transmission

Kostin D.V., Sheluhin O.I.
Comparison of machine learning algorithms for encrypted traffic classification
Kordyukov R.Yu., Sergiyenko SV., Sharoglazov V.B., Yagolnikov D.V., Kernitckiy A.G.
Method of the operational management input process in the system of objects of information system aerospace defense
Kryukovsky A.S., Skvortsova Yu.I.
Rays and caustics in the coordinate-pulse subspaces precanonical Maslov operator for propagation in ionospheric plasmaKyurkchan A.G., Manenkov S.A.
A new method for solving the problem of a flow by ideal liquid stream of a compact body of revolution and periodically rough surfaceUglov I.V.
Analysis of issues with connecting debt collection agencies to communications provider network