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Content №4-2009

  In a heading the information of the companies is presented:
MTS, NXP, ФГУП “Outer-space communication”, МТТ, FGUP ЦНИИС, ИТТ the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Cisco, Intec, AXIS, КРОК, Aladdin, М2М telematics, GlobalTel, Softline, Yota, АСВТ

  Lobanov B.S., Pikul A.I., Hlopov B.V.
Methods of increase of efficiency of protection of the information stored in stores on rigid magnetic disks

The approach to a problem of increase of efficiency of protection of the information stored in stores on rigid magnetic disks is considered, the analysis of development of new directions of perpendicular record on winchesters and ways of destruction of the information from magnetic carriers, designing of magnetic systems of the erasing device is given. Influence of influence of pulse magnetic fields on quality of the information on modern winchesters is experimentally investigated.
Information protection, rigid magnetic field, technologies of record, the winchester, emergency destruction of the information

Report Symantec Messegelabs intellegence

  Chutov O.V.
Working out of mathematical model of traffic, technique and algorithm of calculation of the loadings generated in a broadband digital network of data transmission on the basis of technology ARD

The traffic model, technique and algorithm of calculation of loadings in the broadband are received
Networks of data transmission on the basis of technology ARD. At the set topology of a network
Network loading is defined, the matrix of the mutual information is generated ravitations between objects taking into account relative loading between them.

Mathematical model of the traffic, broadband digital networks, technology ARD, network loading

Tuljakov J.M.
Estimation of spatial reliability of a radio communication in the conditions of a city

signal fluctuation, distribution of radio-waves

Legkov K.E., Donchenko A.A.
Modern requirements to indicators of quality of an information exchange in networks of wireless access of a special purpose
Every year the increasing distribution is received by wireless access technologies of the city scale, based on standard IEEE 802.16. The given standard everywhere is applied now to transfer of a considerable quantity of the traffic of a various kind, and also for Internet-traffic transfer. At the initial stage of designing of networks of wireless access of a special purpose special value has definition of requirements to indicators of quality of information data exchange of networks which are opened in article.
Wireless access, the Internet traffic, standard IEEE 802.16, special purpose networks, a noise stability

Zlobin V.A.
Problem of an estimation of instant frequency of a discrete signal. A method of expansion phase of discrete signal

The question of an estimation of instant frequency of a discrete signal is taken up. Existing ways of overcoming of a problem of limiting transition are considered at calculation of a derivative phase of a signal. The method of expansion of a phase of the discrete signal, not demanding bulky calculations is offered.
Discrete signal, classification of the signals, programmno-dependent radio, instant frequency of a signal

Savandjukov I.M.
Method of optimisation resources in optical networks with wave consolidation

To raise operating ratio of resources of a network it is possible by management of traffic distribution in a network and level of loading of network resources. It is obvious that for efficient control realisation software as it demands carrying out should be used sets of iterative monotonous operations. In article questions of optimisation of the traffic for completely optical transport networks with switching on length of a wave are considered.
Optical transport networks, management of traffic distribution, wave consolidation, optimizater of network resources

Samsonov M. JU.
Maintenance of quality of a speech transmission in convergent networks taking into account discrepancy of network characteristics

The reasons of discrepancy of the received information are analyzed about characteristics конвергентных speech transmission networks, it is resulted classification of various mechanisms of maintenance of set quality QoS in package networks of following generation. Methods of search of the most probable way, satisfying are offered restrictions on delays
Transfers of speech packages and a pass-band of sites konvergent networks.
The description of the developed methods of maintenance of quality of a speech transmission, results of imitating modelling and practical application of methods on a multiservice network of a regional communication statement, and also an estimation of effect from introduction of the developed methods are resulted.
konvergent networks, quality of a speech transmission, imitating-modelling, multiservice networks, QoS-routeing

Salifov I.I.
Calculation and comparison of environments of transfer of modern main communication networks by criterion of delays
The article review, a brief classification of time delay in passing the information on the network. Consider that made the transition to optical communication line in terms of time delays. Whether the delay of propagation of a signal has increased? To answer this question, perform a simplified calculation of time delay in the environments of various signals (propagation delay).
Time delay, distribution of signals, communication networks, network reports, delays of signal, optical fiber

  Pshenichnikov A.P., Vaskin J.A., Stepanov M.S.
Distribution of channel resource at service of the multiservice traffic

Features of distribution of a channel resource are considered at service of demands for transfer of the multiservice traffic. It is shown that at certain parities between traffic parametres deterioration of indicators of service of demands can be observed in comparison with
Separate service of streams. Recommendations about the decision of arising problems are made.
The multiservice traffic, quality of service, channel resource, switching of channels, switching of packages, digital lines

Sokolov D.P.
The theory of indistinct sets as basis SLA in IP-networks

Principles of definition and the control of a degree of quality by granting of a telecommunication service in IP-networks should be based on uniform system of an estimation and quality management. Such system can be realised on the basis of the mathematical apparatus of indistinct sets allowing effectively to resolve contradictions between subjective and objective methods of quality estimations.
IP-networks, the theory of indistinct sets, quality assurance of a telecommunication service, information systems